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Imperfect Heroes CD released!

The long wait is over! Our new CD, Imperfect Heroes, is available. Downloads are waiting for you at iTunes and AmazonMP3, follow the links below. For those of you who still prefer having something that you can hold and look at, Imperfect Heros is in stock at CD Baby, or talk to a band member at one of our upcoming shows.
If you just can’t wait, here is a link to download a free copy of the opening song, The Seed and the Soil.

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Cover Art from Imperfect Heroes

Credits for Imperfect Heroes:

Bruce Bailey: electric & acoustic upright bass, electric cello, vocals, djembe, hand percussion

Greg Wollan: acoustic, electric, slide and 12 string guitars, keyboards, vocals, hand percussion, drum programming.


Bob Knight: bouzouki, mandolin, harmony vocals, lap steel, dobro, hand percussion
Heather Garborg: violin on “I stand (on the shoulders of Giants)”
Micah Taylor drums on “The Cross is not a Burden to me”
Jeremy Johnson : drums on “Victorious”

1) The Seed and the Soil (Wollan/Bailey/Knight)
2) River of Grace (Bailey/Wollan)
3) I Stand (on the Shoulders of Giants) Wollan
4) Cantus Firmus * (Bailey /Wollan)
5) The Cross is not a Burden to me (Wollan)
6) A Swan Song (to yesterday) (Bailey/Wollan)
7) The Lord Stands by my Side (Wollan/Knight)
8) Victorious (Wollan)
9) True Captain (Wollan)

10) Bonus track: Love Wins (Wollan/Knight)

Produced and arranged by New Command
Mixed by Greg Wollan, assisted by Bruce Bailey and Bob Knight
Recorded at Makeshift Studios, St. Paul. MN
Mastered by Gregg Ward @ Studio Arcade Studios, St. Paul,MN

* “Since the 18th century, music theorists and historians have used the term in its current general sense to denote any pre-existing melody used as the basis of a new polyphonic work.”

- In the case of New Command’s piece “Cantus Firmus” Bruce’s cello motif was the basis from which all the rest of the music in the piece eminated. A parallel can be drawn: “Christ in us” theoretically impacts and informs all who we are, in all different areas of life, and, as such, impacts who we are to the world... just as the musical motif informs all the music written in response to it. (Bonhoeffer writes much more eloquently below on this.) - gw

Deitrich Bonhoeffer - from his “Letters and Papers from Prison” book:
A cantus firmus is a melody to which one or more contrapuntal parts can be added – parts that are truly distinct, novel and even seemingly at odds with other parts until they are bound to this consistent yet fluid melody that is the cantus firmus. Bonhoeffer is extending the music analogy to the Christian life by stating that the arc of the cantus firmus is similar to our relationality to the Triune God who is the core melody that carries and propels the contrapuntal parts (the unique, unrepeatable miracles of God who are made and claimed in the Imago Dei) towards a penultimate note that is a step above the final motion that allows space for variation, change, innovation and even dissonance.